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“Who was that masked woman?”

by Michael Brein, PhD,
The Travel Psychologist

Marrakech, Morocco

Sometimes a whole world opens up suddenly right before you — an epiphany of sorts. If you are young, sweet, and naïve, this can be a new and awesome experience of self-discovery. And for novice travelers whose curiosity needs quenching, this serves to fuel our wanderlust all the more.


apparition •deity • ghosts • God • Hanalei • Hawaii • Kauai • Lihue • dragon, drive • mystical & spiritual • paranormal • Puff the Magic Dragon • urban legends & myths •

Steve and Megan venture on Kauai to get a sense of the reputed location (in some peoples’ minds) of the ‘mountain’ of the Dragon in Peter, Paul, and Mary’s popular song, Puff the Magic Dragon. In the process, they believe they have a mystical encounter with the ‘guardian’ of the Dragon!

by Michael Brein, PhD,
The Travel Psychologist

Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii
The 1990s

Three Exotic Food Tales


brains • China • Cinderella for a day • dogs •domestic animals • exotic foods • fond memories • food & drink • head cheese • outrageously funny • the Ozarks • pigs • Romania • vegetarians

Not so fond remembrances of sights, sounds, and smells.

by Michael Brein, PhD,
The Travel Psychologist

Told to me by Gwen O. Well, I have two stories about my friends Paul and Violetta, who as they were nearing their retirement from teaching at a community college, decided to go teach in China for a year.

They both got appointments and went to…

Wild, Exotic Eats — Guinea Pig in Peru: Story 2!

From as if a pressed rabbit was magically transformed into a guinea pig, no less!


Arequipa • culture clash • crazy scoundrels • Cusco • delicacies • exotic foods • faux pas • food & drink • food from hell • guinea pigs • Machu Picchu • outrageously funny • Peru • rabbit • ruins • South America • ugly Americans

One man’s rabbit is another man’s nightmare. Traveling means being open to the culinary treats of the countries we visit. …

Wild Exotic Eats — Guinea Pig in Peru: Story 1!

From first running about and then right into the pot — of grease!


ancient artifacts • Arequipa • Cobra Canyon • crazy scoundrels • culture • Cusco • delicacies • exotic foods • food & drink • food from hell • guinea pigs • Machu Picchu • outrageously funny • Peru • ruins • “Sexy Woman” • South America • Ugly Americans • “When in Rome”

by Michael Brein, PhD,
The Travel Psychologist

Cusco, Peru

Told to me by Lisa F.

Michael: All right, so give me a little background, where and when were YOU traveling.

In 2009…

The Maybe Secret Travels of a Ghost Jeep


doppelgängers • driving • funny • Missoula • Montana • paranormal • transportation • University of Montana • VW bus •

They say that things or objects have feelings and memories of their own and that, just as humans, they can also have their doppelgängers as well, i.e., ghosts or duplicates of themselves, that can take on independent lives and existences just as the ‘real’ persons or the ‘real’ things.

Now, it’s one thing if your doppelgänger actually exists independently of yourself (or ITself); it’s another matter if it somehow gets you in trouble.

This is a story about…

Escape from a Horrible Calamity in Mexico


accidents & mishaps • the “beats” • bribes • William S. Burroughs • celebrity encounters • close calls & great escapes • culture • death • drugs • guns • the “hippies” • Jack Kerouac • Mexico City • Mexico • opium • pot • psychedelics • shooting

by Michael Brein, PhD,
The Travel Psychologist

Mexico City, Mexico

Told to me by Joe Mullins, now deceased. When I was a student in Mexico, that was a very happy time for me despite certain hassles, like we never had enough money, the difficulties sometimes of living in a foreign…

Guns Pointed at Me!


Bangkok • close calls & great escapes • crazy scoundrels • culture clash • faux pas • fear • funny • getting away with something • guns pointed at you • holy spots • the Jade Buddha • religion • soldiers & military • Thailand

by Michael Brein, PhD,
The Travel Psychologist

Bangkok, Thailand

Told to me by Vicki P. This was at the height of the mini-skirt craze — in America, that is! I had come from visiting Fiji, where it was nothing but short skirts!

I was with a group of people I didn’t know very well…

I have, and I knew him.

My voyage with the man on the moon: our “Voyage to Darkness”

This is the fourth of my four-part interview with this most famous astronomer (and later *UFOlogist), the late great Dr. J. Allen Hynek, on possible extraterrestrial visitation to Planet Earth.

Planet Earth’s possible interactions with extraterrestrials.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek was a consultant to the U.S. Air Force with the presumptuous and infamous Project Blue Book. He ultimately resigned in disgust with the Air Force’s (in his opinion) mishandling of the whole matter.

J. Allen Hynek then went on to become the “father” of modern-day UFOlogy.



I have, and I knew him.

The famous classic Antônio Villas Boas UFO abduction case: a close encounter of the fourth kind.

Presumed sex with an alien? Can you believe this?

In the day, talk of sex between humans and aliens, let alone conception and the notion of possible human-alien hybrids was absolutely unheard of and taboo, yet, the Villas Boas UFO case is one of the most profound and credible investigations conducted ever!

And given the credibility of the Villas Boas UFO abduction case, the subject of sex between humans and aliens now could no longer simply be ignored and must be considered no matter…

Michael Brein

I’m The Travel Psychologist. I coined the term! I’ve collected thousands of amazing travel tales and highlight the psychology behind them. Journey with me!

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